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Home page / Archives More stats 10,125
The day Elvin Jones fired up Milwaukee’s Lakefront Festival of Art in 1972 More stats 2,414
If These Quilts Could Talk: Signals along the Underground Railroad More stats 814
Will the Wolf Survive — or Attack? Examining “The Grey” Controversy More stats 803
“In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” — and Duane Allman * More stats 691
The Day the United States Hanged a Woman More stats 637
Discovering a Famous Seafaring Scene in Calatrava’s Pavilion More stats 628
The loss of Milwaukee’s black talk radio stirs memories of Marvin Gaye More stats 620
Wisconsin gave John Steuart Curry a home. He gave back the state’s idea as image More stats 616
Charlie Haden’s bass sang around the world, and back, to The Shenandoah More stats 533
Culture Currents Fave Art Gallery More stats 521
The Deadly Attack of the Smart Phone Zombies More stats 470
“Real/Surreal” explores the haunted intersection of realist and surrealist American art More stats 458
Gorky’s “Garden in Sochi” might give new meanings to the Olympics. More stats 450
My All-time Best Americana/Roots albums. More stats 449
If you asked her, Kathy Naab could write a book: A life remembered More stats 419
A remarkable Mother’s Day story of an unforgettable “Lady” and her gifted son, Arshile Gorky More stats 403
Rembrandt: Last Chances To See a Life-Changing Work of Art More stats 385
Ishmael and Queequeg: the Original Pan-Cultural Odd Couple? More stats 380
Remembering Ron Cuzner and jazz on “The Dark Side” More stats 373
Blogger bio and statement More stats 318
Samsara: A Wordless World of Magnificent Images (opens Friday) More stats 288
Edward S. Curtis preserved America’s Vanishing Race for Posterity More stats 275
More images from Edward Curtis and The Vanishing Race More stats 263
A graphic version of T. Monk (but not Bud Powell) getting unfairly busted by racist cops… More stats 256
Kathy Mattea’s “Coal Journey” Back Home More stats 240
Reprise: Nocturnal Milwaukee jazz DJ Ron Cuzner lives on in musicians’ memories More stats 220
If Dylan wanted to back him up, he must’ve been a hell of a leader. On mountains, he was. More stats 216
Garry Wills exposes the cultural roots of America’s gun mentality More stats 208
A few words about Jeff Poniewaz, and a poem by him More stats 208
A round-trip drive from Milwaukee to the Pacific Ocean — a cultural travelogue part 2 More stats 207
Jazz education is swinging hard across Milwaukee and America More stats 205
The Magician Behind Miles: Reviving the American Individualism of Gil Evans More stats 203
A round-trip drive across America’s mountainous backbone — a cultural travelogue More stats 201
Dissenting thoughts on the Cuzner style More stats 190
A clean, well-lighted place: A river runs through Wisconsin’s roots music mecca More stats 186
Clyfford Still? Yes, the great American painter still holds up, in a whole museum More stats 178
The last of the great 19th-century whaling ships takes another journey, into living history More stats 177
“He IS the guitar.” Blues pioneer Michael Bloomfield finally gets his due More stats 167
Manty Ellis builds a new foundation for Milwaukee’s jazz scene More stats 159
The “Magic Book” of Weather Report and Zawinul interview More stats 159
“I Fought the Law, Brother Dead and Gone” (The ghosts of Brown, Garner & Hamilton) More stats 153
The Aura of the African-American in Visual Art and Culture More stats 153
Resources More stats 149
Modern pioneers: How Lombardi’s Packers transformed football’s racial culture More stats 143
My Moby Dick sculpture from Cottage House Primitives More stats 142
A grand dame of jazz presents a celebration of “Dexter Gordon @ 90.” More stats 140
Three Decisive Days of the Civil War, 150 years ago this week More stats 138
Toni Morrison on Melville and the Language of Denial More stats 137
Culture Currents Picks: Best Jazz and Roots Music of 2014 More stats 136
Jeffrey Foucault: Songwriter on a Train to You More stats 135
Culture Currents writer-creator Kevin Lynch receives top prize for arts criticism from Milwaukee Press Club More stats 133
Collage: Piecing Together Snips and Heaps of a Common Cultural Act — in Colorado More stats 130
Following the inextiguishable flight of The Grateful Dead’s “Dark Star” More stats 121
Milwaukee’s Revived Jazz Gallery: A Beacon for Creative Freedom Burns Again More stats 121
Weather Report: From the First Lightning Bolt to the Rise of a Jazz Tsunami More stats 116
Is the Tedeschi Trucks Band the Best American Group Working Today? More stats 115
An Elegy to a Symphonic Musician — Bill Bennett More stats 113
The paranoid and racist John Birch Society is alive in new guises. More stats 112
A Melville research trip with photos by Katrin Talbot More stats 112
Thelonious Monk died today in 1982. An obit column from back then More stats 111
Undecided Voters (in Swing States?): Who Are Those Guys? More stats 110
Superband leader Christensen survives, but still fights for his financial life More stats 107
“Genius” Jason Moran ain’t gettin’ a big head. He’s updating Fats Waller for shows in Milwaukee and San Francisco… More stats 106
George Bernard Shaw scrutinizes human folly and romance in APT’s “The Doctor’s Dilemma” More stats 102
A very behind-the-beat blog on my favorite jazz recordings of 2013. More stats 98
Tedeschi Trucks Band – Part 2: A Comparison and a Closer Look More stats 98
Gifted trumpeter-composer Philip Dizack will play three Milwaukee dates More stats 97
Bluegrass inventor Bill Monroe (Sept. 13, 1911-Sept. 9, 1996) Springs a Surprise More stats 95
“Trains That Passed in the Night” — How photographer O. Winston Link told a classic American story More stats 94
Discovering the black community’s role in the Underground Railroad’s “Hidden History” More stats 92
Political Call and Response and The Falling Man Who Still Haunts More stats 90
Guitarist Manty Ellis tells all about Milwaukee jazz back in the day More stats 87
Wisconsin Proud: Shimon and Lindemann reveal courage, commitment and salt-of-earth soul More stats 87
A barely suppressed sneer: The persistence of Dick Cheney’s dark “honor.” More stats 86
Bandleader Maria Schneider walks a wintry tightrope over her jazz success More stats 81
They’ve got the back of the Man in Black: Johnny Cash More stats 81
Trumpeter Russ Johnson opens new vistas in jazz conversation More stats 80
Photos That Made History and Make You Remember More stats 80
Eagle Wings and Byrd Calls, and a Gust of Defiantly Mystical Romanticism More stats 79
Stepping Inside the Outside the Box New Music Festival More stats 78
Coltrane comes home, to find his deepest or his most far-flung self? More stats 77
Robert Hilburn’s “Johnny Cash: The Life” feels like a definitive biography More stats 76
It’s spring and jazz is busting out all over in Milwaukee More stats 74
Drummer-composer Devin Drobka harbors dreams for a surviving world in “Bell Dance Songs” More stats 74
Masterpieces born of rebellion: from Van Gogh to Pollock at the Milwaukee Art Museum More stats 73
My Best Jazz Experiences of 2012 (in memory of James Hazard) More stats 71
My book “Voices in the River: The Jazz Message to Democracy” gets a pre-published airing More stats 70
The Perpetual Adolescence of Match.com: Social Network Bans Moby-Dick More stats 69
American Players Theatre’s Sarah Day makes Didion’s devastating “Year” magical More stats 69
Antler reaches for sky-born ideas and touches people down here More stats 68
Stemper’s “Persistence of Honor” speaks volumes in pure music More stats 67
Critic Gary Giddins scurries up the masthead of The Pequod. What do you think of Moby-Dick? More stats 65
The Tedeschi Trucks Band: As Timeless as the Red Rocks of Colorado More stats 65
“Edward Curtis and the Vanishing Race,” two more memorable samples More stats 64
Recent Hauntings: Does American Democracy Stand a Ghost of a Chance? More stats 63
Pondering Jesus Christ’s birth, death and “immaculate reconception,” via Lawrence Ferlinghetti More stats 63
Charles Woodson: A Poster Boy for Packer Ageism? — Part 2 More stats 61
Thoreau on newsworthiness/ Environmental writing anthology More stats 60
Singer Jackie Allen’s Sophistication and Soul comes home to Milwaukee More stats 60
Under Richard Thompson’s spell: From tragic loss to boyish wisdom More stats 60
Riding with another African American as “guilty” as Trayvon Martin, and Pip More stats 60
Grammy-winning trumpeter Brian Lynch salutes unsung heroes of his art More stats 58
Edo de Waart records Mahler/Harvey Taylor’s new trumpeting More stats 58
Night Thoughts of a Baffled Humanist: Marilynne Robinson More stats 57
Delving into the Depths of Trump the Stump — a comment and a visual image More stats 57
The original Milwaukee Jazz Gallery’s Shadow and Act More stats 56
Rediscovering a Cezanne Chateau in my Basement More stats 55
Titian’s “Christ (the Humanist) and the Adulteress” More stats 54
Out There in the Life and Time of Dave Brubeck (1920-2012) More stats 53
And a few more big jazz dates for Jazz Appreciation Month More stats 53
Aaron Rodgers is finally getting a little more subtle with his comedy More stats 52
Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair. Hover through the Fog and Filthy Air! More stats 51
Looking again at how the great Italian painter Titian understood ancient times, and ours More stats 50
Why Gore Vidal (1925-2012) Still Matters More stats 50
Levon Helm and The Band: A Speculative Fictional Fragment and a Tribute More stats 49
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott still takes his audience down a long, crooked road More stats 48
Plucking Musical Fruit Deep in Appalachia More stats 48
“Revival’s in the air” at Gregg Allman’s Potawatomi concert More stats 48
Alone and live, guitar wizard David Torn’s far-reaching sonic colors recall Pink Floyd and beyond More stats 47
Guy Clark and Darrell Scott: Country Troubadours for Our Times More stats 47
Author Michael Perry reflects on his friendship with two Wisconsin photographers More stats 46
The Adventures of Madame Maggie, or the Return of the Hound of the Baskervilles. More stats 45
Literary critic, writer and professor Ihab Hassan spent a lifetime questing for humanity More stats 45
Sand County Songs: Aldo Leopold’s Words and Ideas Make Beautiful Music. More stats 45
Discovering Ecuador’s color, bounty and majesty in August of 2014 More stats 44
A Coen Brothers movie reaches for a rootsy wrinkle in time More stats 42
The Gypsy Lumberjacks are pied pipers who carry a heavy vernacular load like pros More stats 42
“The Journey” — A Deathly Odyssey Teaches Trumpeter David Cooper about Music and Life More stats 41
Climber-skiier-banojist Bill Briggs redux and a correction More stats 41
A review: Charlie Haden and Keith Jarrett’s “Last Dance” More stats 40
On Charlie Sykes, “right to work” in Wisconsin, and the will to power More stats 39
Scott Walker hears from God, or thinks his job creation makes him really special More stats 38
Fave Art Gallery: Sloan, just because More stats 38
Culture Currents moves to the Grand Tetons More stats 37
“The Changin’ Times” and The Drizzly November of Bob Dylan’s Soul More stats 37
Maria Schneider just nabbed 3 Classical Grammies. Deservedly? More stats 37
Jeff (Because) Poniewaz hovers over the freeway More stats 36
Kenneth Lonergan’s “Margaret” endures a modern-day “Shock Corridor.” More stats 36
A round-trip drive to the Pacific Ocean — Part 3: The SFJAZZ Collective remembers and creates like America could More stats 35
CC readers, introducing (bugle fanfare) the new house cat, Queen Cleopat- er, Chloe More stats 35
The Tedeschi-Trucks Band sets a high bar for American vernacular music More stats 35
Up there in the wind, listen for Johnny Cash — his voice, courage and vision More stats 35
My best albums of 2012 in roots vernacular music More stats 35
James McMurtry’s “Game” reveals more of himself, and of a vividly evoked America More stats 32
A Musical Meditation on Honor and Barack Obama More stats 31
Paul Ryan: The Story of the Peanut Butter-munching Automaton and his Granny More stats 30
“Searching for Sal” — A quest for the hole-in-one, and even more elusive truths. More stats 30
Inside a real wild animal sanctuary More stats 30
Rodney Crowell’s long and winding road back to Emmylou More stats 29
Digging (up) the Year’s Vernaculars, Roots and All More stats 29
Amiri Baraka: A Native Son of Racial Reality and Necessity More stats 28
On 9/11 Anniversary: How Another City Survived its own Fallen Men (Women and Children) More stats 28
If you are what you eat, did I know what I was, and how all that stuff got to be food? More stats 28
Jazz singer Mark Murphy (1932-2015), “The next Sinatra,” did it his way More stats 27
Going back to Townes Van Zandt’s “Proud Mountains,” to anyone’s mountains. More stats 27
Stemper’s “Persistence of Honor” (Preferred performance link) and other upcoming Stemper events More stats 27
John Mellencamp and Stephen King conjur the Ghost Brothers of Darkland County More stats 26
Riding with another African American as “guilty” as Trayvon Martin, and Pip More stats 26
The Flatlanders head for the hills, or was it for a sure-bet payday? More stats 25
Here’s my list of “Books that Mattered the Most to Me.” More stats 25
Is She Safe Because Buddha is on the Smart Phone? More stats 23
“Hope Springs” Bubbles Below the Oscar Radar More stats 23
“Big Miracle”: A video movie gem hidden below an icy Alaskan surface More stats 23
Wit, wisdom, and evocation emanate from Richard Wiegel’s “Wiegel Room” More stats 22
It Must Work is holding a fundraiser for a new well for orphans without water in West Africa More stats 22
Paul Kantner took Jefferson Airplane/Starship and ’60s American rock high and far More stats 22
Wynton Marsalis makes like St. Nick with his bag of traditional and contemporary goodies More stats 22
Is it Jurassic Jazz, or a new creature with a very big sonic footprint? More stats 22
More stats 22
Color this your favorite Jackie Allen album More stats 22
How can the government be everywhere stealing our guns, Senator Lee? More stats 22
P.S. On Trayvon Martin post. Is Zimmerman a provoker or a victim? (Give us The Watchman!) More stats 22
Chicago Yestet gears up with music of empowering politics More stats 21
Did I see yo mammy steal somebody’s Grammy? Kudos and Komplaints More stats 20
A weekend brimming with performing arts choices in Milwaukee More stats 20
A discography: Exploring the jazz orchestra’s wilds and wonders More stats 20
Heyyy watermelon man, the whole world hears you playin’ that jazz! More stats 18
Five Visionary Musicians Travel to the Apocalypse and Beyond More stats 18
More stats 18
Ornette lives! A brief appreciation of Ornette Coleman and “The Cry” (1930-2015) More stats 17
Culture Currents Best Jazz Albums etc. of 2015 More stats 17
P.S. On Trayvon Martin post. Is Zimmerman a provoker or a victim? (Give us The Watchman!) More stats 17
Another list of ideas for action from Walter Mosley More stats 17
Wall Street on the Edge: A Deadly Margin for Error More stats 16
Culture Currents adopts a new theme image from the Appalachian mountains More stats 16
While Republicans filibuster (and fiddle), the grieving wall of Newtown may come to life More stats 15
Marquette High grad chronicles how Iowa built a field of dreams for marriage equality More stats 15
Trumpeter Jamie Breiwick plays at his CD release party Saturday at the Jazz Estate More stats 15
More thoughts on Levon Helm from Louie Perez of Los Lobos and a great video More stats 15
Paul Geremia Dwells in the Obscure Depths of the Blues He Brings to Light More stats 15
A Walmart Cinderella Sweeps Up on Desolation Row More stats 15
Does Marion Cotillard forge an anti-Ahab heroine for our time in “Rust and Bone”? More stats 14
Bill Camplin’s “Understory” digs deep, while casting a long shadow on the present More stats 14
A very brief photo essay on driving into Appalachia More stats 14
Another trip, with abundant comic relief from politics and other ugly human doings More stats 13
Thoughts of a saddened and bemused Bee Gees fan from 1967 More stats 13
Two days left to see Kandinsky, a great thinker and a greater artist More stats 13
Santana, Trucks and Tedeschi feelin’ good More stats 13
Jeffrey Foucault’s Cold Satellite Transmits a Yeats-like Vibe More stats 13
You Doubt Ryan Thinks of Humans as Mathematical Digits? More stats 12
American Players Theatre’s Jim DeVita conjures a Shakespeare-haunted murder-mystery More stats 12
Richard Deibenkorn is the summer artist of lush and glaring riches More stats 12
Russell Banks returns to short stories with a great novelist’s sagacity for human nature More stats 11
Los Lobos: The powerful and beautiful social comment of “Gates of Gold” More stats 11
A couple of urgent cultural and political readings of late More stats 11
Grammy-winning composer Maria Schneider on nature, and on the best Gil Evans More stats 11
A Gust of Cooling Emily Dickinson More stats 11
Jonathan Klett’s potent video film “Truth, Communion, Immense Possibility, and Art” More stats 11
Does Walker walk the walk, too? Nah, he just pushes a pile he treats like garbage (cartoon by Kevin Lynch). More stats 11
The Bad Plus go to “the emotional core,” and to ironies and contradictions More stats 10
Culture Currents and No Depression Celebrate the Best Roots Music Albums of 2015 More stats 10
Culture Currents is now on Facebook More stats 10
Two Guys and Their Guitars More stats 10
“Black Radio” Radiates Across Milwaukee’s Great Divide More stats 8
The Shepherd Express has provided fact-based reporting to help you make an informed vote. More stats 8
National Literacy Month is here More stats 8
Trumpeter Jamie Breiwick “dreams” of Thelonious Monk’s music More stats 8
The Great Charles Woodson: Poster Boy for Packer Ageism? — Part 2 More stats 8
Another dose of too-slippery-to-peg Americana More stats 8
A few thoughts on “Take Five.” More stats 8
Correction: Starting time of Brian Lynch Master Class. More stats 7
What are the most “popular” posts on Culture Currents? Here’s a full list. More stats 7
The Bad Plus adds up a new Rite of Spring with smart subtraction More stats 7
Getting down off your horse and savin’ a little face is as American as apple pie in the face. More stats 7
Marc Eisen finds musicians who nail the Zeitgeist and its Parade of Masqueraders More stats 6
Jonathan Klett’s potent video film “Truth, Communion, Immense Possibility, and Art” More stats 6
Trumpeter Russ Johnson re-imagines Eric Dolphy’s classic album “Out to Lunch!” More stats 5
now vote to recall More stats 4
As Mittor Romsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams… More stats 4
Sam Francis Carried Printmaking into Deep and Beautiful Realms More stats 4
Local labor movement struggles for job creation. More stats 4
James McMurtry talks about the making of “Complicated Game” and more More stats 4
Moby rises again (intact) on match.com More stats 3
Happy About a Hanging? More stats 3
Something to do, to be responsible for. More stats 3
Guitarist David Torn’s far-out and far-in music goes on tour, with a new album More stats 2
The Jefferson Airplane lands on a New York rooftop — inspired ’60s anarchy More stats 2
What’s Scott Walker up to now? More stats 2
#2 (loading title) More stats 2
#1 (loading title) More stats 2
“The Highway Home, Spying Sun”: a photograph and two poems More stats 2
test More stats 1

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