Happy About a Hanging?

I couldn’t resist commenting on a comment as a mini-post. If you do a blog you quickly become aware of the great amount of spam — or generic complimentary comments — your site receives, from people basically interested in getting traffic to their own sites. The comments reveal the persons have clearly not read the posting.

To date, the height of this sort of disingenuousness occurred recently in “response” to my post “The Day The U.S. Hanged a Woman.” The comment:  “I will get in touch with this post and site as well, giving this kind of post is really happy. looking for someone here. anyway waiting for another post here.”

Besides the extreme cognitive dissonance of tone, there’s the bad grammatical use of a gerund which makes you wonder whether these spam jobs are sent out virtually blind, in a semi-comatose state of blog raiding, to random web sites.

It’s a sad and seemingly pervasive misuse of the medium, nothing to be “happy” about lady, in any sense.

That’s all folks.



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