A few thoughts on “Take Five.”

Just thought I’d add this comment/Link from my FB page.Take Five (“Long” version)

Nice to hear a fresh and very swinging Desmond solo, the original is fully embedded in my brain. But do check out the longer version above (alas, no video) with the Joe Morello drum solo. The tempo’s slow and sultry, and Morello proves again that he may have been the most sublime jazz drum soloist of his time, which is saying something with Elvin Jones as a contemporary. Elvin’s still the greatest drummer of the era. The folks who don’t like Take Five are probably those who still resent Brubeck’s success. Get over it, and dig it. Life’s too short. Even my cat Maggie came over to listen to this one. The cat¬†knows cool when she hears it.

BTW here’s a video version with a Morello solo (to compare), from Belgium in ’64. Belgium “Take Five” w/ video Here he’s less beholden to his original recorded solo but it’s still beautifully constructed.

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