Something to do, to be responsible for.

OK, you’ve read about “Margin Call” (last posting) and hopefully seen the movie. So you understand that the financial catastrophe wasn’t just about a bunch of evil greedy people, though there’s enough of those. But they’re all caught in the same system that we are. You probably saw the OWS sign “The system isn’t broken, it’s fixed.”

Veteran political observer and communications professor Todd Gitlin has some good ideas about how to extend the Occupy movements into areas of life that might make a difference. In the article I link below, he talks about direct action to stop the illicit foreclosures, auctions and evictions. He talks about “occupy student debt,” a way to help students out of their rigged financial holes.  He even suggests the savvy strategic move of winning the attention of corporate media. And remember, it all has to be done nonviolently, maintaining the high road. And then he says “support candidates pledge to push money out of politics ,to make taxes far more progressive, to regulate banks are more stringent” than the Dodd-Frank bill did. It’s about America taking back their country, which is a Tea Party phrase, but that idea can be pursued a lot more smartly and without the Tea Partiers’ moral hypocrisy (or at least confusion). Gitlin says  what Americans wait for is “plausible hope.” Yes, but why not be one of the Americans creating that hope instead of just waiting for it? — Kevin Lynch

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