Getting down off your horse and savin’ a little face is as American as apple pie in the face.



Getting on a high horse means you might get kicked off if the critter’s not done kickin’ its habit.

So I’ll get off before I get any more ahead of the pack in what I’ll call the Bozoversharing Derby. And I know there’s a hell of a lot of oversharing bozos on that bus raising dust and dirt behind and ahead of me. A lot of the ones ahead are dead, a lot behind…are lost and coming on and everything in between.

So yeah, I’ll go back to the online social game cuz Ed’s algorithm story probably ain’t sci-fi. And riding a high righteous horse doesn’t make you less alone — in real life. ( deems the great novel “Moby-Dick” as an “obscene” title. I’ve said my peace on this. See previous post)

So…How about “Moby Richard (third time) Or, The Whale?” Yes?

Or “Richard III, and the Whale inside me and you, the whiteness and the blackness.”

Or “Time, the most mysterious word of all.” Norman Mailer said that.

Do I contradict myself (by dismounting)? So I contradict myself. You know who said that? for extra credit (no, not H.M.).

I suppose worse is losing one’s meager audience, of you and you (yes, you).

But changing one’s mind to a degree is pretty damn American, as long as you know your core principles down in your gut, stuck to your bones — the ones that made it easy, maybe too easy, to fall in love with this country, for all its damn craziness and decrepit soul rot. Because of all the people and lives it represents because it’s the living that counts (the dying too) and if we screw each other over or forget where we came from…

I’m talking history of all kinds, not just navel-gazing type family mooning in the moonshine, as valid as that is. I’m talking our history.

But enough, I’m off this horse for the time being, partly because I was once accused of navel gazing by an editor. The folks of any gender, color or persuasion who appreciate the absurdities afloat in this matchless little controversy will be my friends.

Matchless, indeed. Besides if you can’t go over the top once in a while on your own blog then this peculiar new medium ain’t worth a whole lot because I’m hoping there’s a few people out there doing more than just staring at another screen full of type before they click onward. Which leads me to one last question: If “dick” is banned on, why isn’t “click” also banned? I mean, you let that c smooch that l and whaddya got?

“It’s a surprisingly slippery slope isn’t it Capt. Algorithm,” Starbuck said. “The whale is just a dumb brute. It’s madness chasing one whale and risking everything.” But then, maybe it’s a smarter-than-you-think white whale wearing his own version of the Scarlet Letter, A. Or wearing whole alphabets of scarlet letters on his scarred, hated hide.

So don’t be strangers friends, the blog is my place to be for now. Please share. A little more than just enough is better than nothing. — KL

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