The Shepherd Express has provided fact-based reporting to help you make an informed vote.

Please Vote on Nov. 4

‘Shepherd Express’ Endorsements


Shepherd Express editor Louis Fortas makes a fundamental and crucial citizens request — to vote. He notes that the Shepherd Express’s fearless reporting may rub some people the wrong way, but it is always striving to be factual.
That’s why the newspaper’s current endorsements stand up to scrutiny or cynicism.
As a free-lancer, I can personally vouch for SE’s commitment to factuality and fact-checking, which they may do to a fault. They chose to not run a recent review of a George Bernard Shaw play that I wrote. I was miffed at the time because I’d decided to focus on Shaw’s brilliant dialog at least as much as the particular performance. Few playwrights are more substantial, timeless or quotable. FYI the review is here:

My larger point now is that SE feared that I might have not attended the play, and used a script instead. They were quite wrong in that instance, BUT they erred on the side of their sense of factual reporting.
So you can count on these journalists to give you the truth. Please consider their fact-based endorsements and vote!

As for Culture Currents, we endorse Mary Burke for Wisconsin governor and Gwen Moore, Kevernacular’s current Congressional representative, for re-election.


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