Scott Walker hears from God, or thinks his job creation makes him really special



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I noticed Scott Walker has hired consultant for his presidential run. But he says his real presidential consultant is a guy named God.

“I feel that there’s a reason God put me in a spot to do the things that we’ve done and take on the challenges we’ve done,” he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Sounds like the same godly voices in his head another wrongheaded governor heard when he decided it was time to play president. Of course, George W. Bush did have a college degree, unlike Scott Walker. Maybe God conferred an honorary college degree on Walker in one of his whisperings. And seeing as Walker has apparently “done” lots of “challenges” without facing them, we can look forward to more delicate Bush-like turns of phrase, or is it turns of mind?

Or considering how good he was as a “job creator” Wisconsin, maybe Scott does think he is God.

Before he starts waltzing around the country with visions of the White House dancing in his head, maybe Walker should hire some unemployed or underpaid Wisconsin folks to build a big scaffolding, and then hire an artist (or 20, or 200!) to paint a ceiling fresco of him, like the image above.

My point is partly that I have the greatest respect for anybody who works hard on a job and does it honestly, especially people who work with their hands.

We know the guy named Jesus Christ thought God spoke to him, too, and Christ was just a carpenter, without a college degree. And even without a high school degree, Christ was a lot more eloquent about things that mattered, or about the challenges he honestly faced.

He didn’t need a consultant. He died on the cross.

Who would you vote for — Christ or Scott Walker — for president, or for governor?

Also, with all the good news about hiring and job creation around the country, it’s worth noting that in December average employees wages rate went down by five cents.

Companies are hiring young people and people desperate for a job. Qualified baby boomers are retiring or often on the outside looking in, at their old jobs.

In fact, December also represented a big drop-off in job creation.

It might sound like the spirit of Scrooge isn’t dead. But Scrooge was a small business man. And small businesses do need to survive amid increasingly global competition. Who’s really responsible? And who’s ready to answer to the ghost of conscience who haunts them?

We still need a lot of work from people willing to be accountable — among employers, corporate heads, government bureaucrats and politicians — to make his economy fair for both workers and employers.

Unfortunately those underlying statistics show that private-sector workers have very little bargaining power. Scott Walker did plenty to damage bargaining power in Wisconsin for workers.

Give me a candidate who cares about everyone who’s trying to keep their head above really cold water, even if the economy is getting better. Plus, that big-picture growth — and its struggles — has happened under the current president.

What is Walker’s big picture? Is it the mock-Michelangelo one above?


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