More images from Edward Curtis and The Vanishing Race

Because it’s important to see and appreciate the Edward L. Curtis photos of Native Americans and their milieu and environment, I’ve added three more images, to complement my previous CC blog review of the Curtis exhibit at the Museum of Wisconsin Art In West Bend, on display through January 5.



“The Blanket Weaver” by Edward Curtis. Courtesty



sun dance

“Sun Dance Encampment” by Edward Curtis. Courtesy




 “Geronimo, Apache” 1905 by Edward Curtis. Courtesy

As Curtis Biographer Timothy Egan describes this photograph (above): “A few days before (President Teddy) Roosevelt was inaugurated, Curtis caught the hard glare of the 76-year-old Apache leader, who had been invited to the White House for the grand ceremony launching T.R.’s second term”

Though these are from different sources, prints of these images are in the WOMA show. – Kevin Lynch




2 thoughts on “More images from Edward Curtis and The Vanishing Race

  1. love the review, Kevin and the photos. you have motivated me to read Egan’s book and, if i can, make it to WB to see the exhibit before it leaves. good work

    • Kris, Thanks for reading and responding! I think you’ll enjoy the book — it’s an epic story of a true American artist and it includes plenty of wonderful and moving photos. Egan is a great storyteller and he knows Curtis’ legacy inside out.

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