Louisa Gallas offers incisive sanity for America’s gun madness, and its attendant politics

Louisa Gallas.


Culture Currents guest comment is by Louisa Gallas (a.k.a. Louisa Loveridge-Gallas), a beloved Milwaukee poet, who has quickly proven a fearless, fierce and incisive political commentator, on The New York Times online opinion page.

Here she responds affirmatively to an op-ed by celebrated columnist Paul Krugman. It’s a superb rejoinder to America’s gun madness.  


The New York Times

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Louisa Gallas | Michigan
YES! The perspective that gun violence is a public health issue, in fact, emergency, is essential. Any use of the word ‘control’ does alienate those who frame accessibility as their freedom. The NRA and legislators who promote guns create a real infection across the country and slander the original constitution’s definition of ‘well-regulated militia”, instead allowing any individual to legally buy a weapon to murder. The irresponsibility the NRA supports is a bacteria they grow in their laboratory and purposely release into the environment. They are a systemic disease based on a lethal skewed originalist interpretation of the second amendment. They have no shame about their demolition of public physical and mental health as they further the epidemic of murder, maiming and despair.

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