Mike Neumeyer builds a vibrating stairway to heaven, for “dad” and cancer research

Mike Neumeyer from his split-screen video, “How I Wish You Were Here.” Mikeneumeyermusic.com 

Mike Neumeyer has built a vibrating stairway to heaven. He continues to show why he’s one of Milwaukee’s most distinctive, ingenious and resourceful musicians. Where else are you gonna hear an enchanting, entrancing split-screen video of orchestrated marimba, vibraphone and percussion? Maybe somewhere, over the rainbow, but good look searching.

If you can feel the layers of counterpoint and melody that rise into radiant bursts and blossoms, you can dig this. It’s minimalist and meditative, yet richly layered. Your mind and spirit may dance, and you’ll emerge in a good mood, for donating to childhood cancer research (Mike’s cause here), or for whatever your day brings you.

Here’s how Mike describes the genesis of this virtuoso video:

” ‘How I Wish You Were Here’ was the first huge split-screen video I made. After Sharing Music with Linalab and Patricia Islas, when we all used some delay, I started playing marimba with the delay on it. An exact excerpt from “Marimba Maverick,”  the first portion of the groove easily came out of me.  1

“I kept adding layers as I looped the work, first some vibraphone, then djembe and it turned into this minimalist buildup to a meditative and relaxing track! I saw this as the beginning of a new era of composition and music making for me and I will show you the products of this adventure throughout year!”

If you’d like to make a cancer research donation, inspired by this music, here’s Mike’s Facebook link for the piece: “How I Wish You Were Here” donation link

For those not on Facebook, here’s a version of the piece which includes some vocals by Mike.

The sub-titled vocals reveal the more personal level of “How I Wish You Were Here,” for his father who is “playing radio in the sky.” I wish my father was down here to hear, too:


1 “Maverick Marimba” is the title tune of Neumeyer’s  album of all-original marimba music, from 2020.

For more information on the album and Neumeyer, visit:


I reviewed his previous album, Cloud Nine, here Shepherd Express review and here:

Mike Neumeyer’s vibes may transport you

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