Here’s an event that offers a sweeping “bay view” of live Milwaukee jazz

The Don Linke Trialogue will perform at Bay View Jazz Fest

A Great Lakes bay view allows one to look outward, into the horizon of pure beauty and possibility, and sidelong, upon known shore-hugging entities that still command respect and affection — partly because they, too, honor that open horizon.

That’s sort of how I see the Bay View Jazz Fest, on Friday night, June 3, the year’s best one-day way to discover what’s happing in Milwaukee jazz by providing venues for a spate of top-notch bands to choose from, all for free, in one evening.

I know I’ve always enjoyed it and found gratifying new discoveries along with the fresh, stimulating reassurances of well-established composers and creative improvisors.

The event bejewels the “downtown” street of Bay View, South Kinnickinnick Avenue.

I’d recommend the Jamie Breiwick Trio, The Don Linke Trio and The Russ Johnson Quartet for starters, (led respectively by a trumpeter, a guitarist-vocalist, and a trumpeter). The Cosmic Endeavors quartet (pictured above at the Milwaukee Art Museum) and The Jamill Shaw Quartet look promising. But pick and choose as you see fit.

If you enjoy and appreciate the jazz art form, or are just curious about it, don’t miss it.

See ya there.

Here’s the official fest poster with the line-up and pertinent info:

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