Another list of ideas for action from Walter Mosley

If you want a list of more (and related) suggestions for democratic citizen action, check out this column by Walter Mosley. He’s best known as the author of several black detective book series, such as the Easy Rawlins books (“Devil with the Blue Dress”) but he also authored a wonderful series about an ex-con street philosopher named Socrates Fortlow (the first Fortlow book, “Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned,” was also made into an excellent movie starring Laurence Fishburne [Morpheus in “The Matrix.”] ). And those who saw Mosley read in Milwaukee recently know he’s a funny and brilliant guy. He’s been writing political commentary for quite a while.

Also for a little musical inspiration, try this YouTube below of John Coltrane doing his beautiful dirge “Alabama,” in honor of the four young black girls killed in the Alabama fire Mosley alludes to at the top of his column.  If you don’t know, that’s McCoy Tyner on piano, and listen to the end to get the whole Martin Luther King Jr.-inspired effect the video caption refers to. Enjoy, remember, and act.  — KL

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