What’s happening? The dazzling new/old Bradley Symphony Center

This is what’s happening with downtown culture right now. The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra unveiled its long-anticipated new home the Bradley Symphony Center. The venue, dripping with sumptuous art deco adornments, has morphed like a grand monarch butterfly, from the 1920s Warner Theater, perhaps the grandest of the city’s “movie palaces.”

My article in The Shepherd Express, actually scooped my old employer, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, which published a story today, but I’m a bit slow posting mine on my blog.

Here it is, along with a few additional photos all taken by Ann K. Peterson, including the ones in the Shep Ex article, credited incorrectly to me:


A huge Tiffany-style lamp illuminates the Bradley concert hall


Elaborate ornamentation characterizes the renovated orchestra hall (above and below).

Bucolic murals enliven the hall’s walls.

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