The Don Linke Trialogue turns the key, opening the shuttered door to live music at the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts

The Don Linke Trialogue

Guitarist-singer-composer Don Linke has evolved and expanded considerably since I first knew him, eons ago, in the jazz fusion band Jasmine, in the early 1970s.

But his gritty charm, flair, and derring-do still seem fundamental to who he is. So I’m glad he’s headlining the first jazz concert of the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts since the pandemic shut-down of live performance there.

The Jazz Gallery Center for The Arts. Photos courtesy JGCA.

It should be an enjoyable and invigorating evening.

Here’s my preview, from The Shepherd Express, of The Don Linke Trialogue, with a highlight on drummer Victor Campbell, who’ll host the event at 7 p.m. Sept 3, at the JGCA, 926 E. Center Street. Milwaukee.:


Congratulations, by the way, to the new Executive Director of the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts, Kai Simone. Having just recently me her, I anticipate good things from her leadership, but must get to know her a bit. I’ll share more with you, when I do.

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