Our House is on Fire! Hear it. See it. Believe it.

“This planet is our home, and our house is on fire!”

Singer-songwriter Harvey Taylor says he’s not sure what one “small song” can do, but he has to sing it. Every one of us must speak out in the best way we can against the self-destructive madness of climate change and global warming. You just never know what the impact of your commitment, — however seeming small — to justice and truth will be. This is video is what democracy looks like (OK, I know there’s a joke embedded there). But if I do nothing, nothing good comes of it, even potentially.

For example of something good, this Web-posted video is much more potent than mere words, as impassioned as those are. Taylor has a gifted collaborator in videographer Susan Ruggles, who illustrates each of Taylor’s dire points with raging and ravishing potency.

This is the real world we live in today, the real planet we are destroying, our home and that of every other earthly creature and plant. Here’s hoping this video will inspire others to other creative means of fighting the madness.

Thanks to Harvey, Susan and percussionist Jahmes Finlayson.